Bassey Arikpo is a videographer and multimedia specialist who resides in the Lincoln-Omaha area. Bassey started working on video production in elementary school when he tried to make YouTube videos with his parent's camera. It wasn't until high school where his skills got better and in college, he started pursuing it professionally. Currently, Bassey offers his videography and media services to multiple organizations and balances multiple clients, as well as producing multiple web series and is the on call videographer for 8 organizations and brands. Bassey also is a filmmaker and has co-written, co-produced, filmed, edited, and designed marketing and merchandise for a short mockumentary film that premiered at the Ross Theater on October 11, 2018. Bassey has multiple cameras, audio equipment, and professional editing equipment for almost any video need as well as any additional contacts to other multimedia people in the area. 

Bassey offers his services to anyone who would like to employ him for video, photo, or graphic design work. If for some reason, he won't be able to do the project, he will gladly refer you to someone else who might be able to.

In addition to Bassey, there are also a team of talented creatives who frequently collaborate with him on a regular basis:



Hi, Iā€™m an aspiring screen writer and director. I want my movies to awake consciousness and entertain audiences. I write thought provoking narratives. I have experimented with audio and video production. I have also made small short films with friends. I want to thank BGE Studios for the opportunity to write, produce, and assistant direct Memes: A New Reality



Mickayla is a UNL student who acts as second camera person to many productions, as well is a producer and actress in many BGE productions, including acting as executive producer and lead actress for Bounder. She possesses an incredible and detailed eye for design, including set design and staging. Mickayla also writes articles for HerCampus. Also she has a knack for puns.