From the people who brought you Memes: A New Reality, the talented minds of Bassey Arikpo and Mickayla Yard, Joe Aguirre, and others bring you an upcoming horror film, known as Bounder brings you a snippet of a life of a fictional serial killer, known in the area he hunts in as the River Stalker.

The description is as follows:

For James Shepherd, killing is a passion. His targets aren’t his enemies, rather his prey. He lives to hunt. He lives to kill. Unfortunately for six twenty-somethings, they have unknowingly become Shepherd’s prey. Will he be caught by the local police who when the phrase ‘River Stalker’ enters the air, their whole force shivers in fear?

We have also produced a teaser for the film:

This film is one I consider a step up from previous projects. Through Memes: A New Reality, I learned some of the hidden challenges of filmmaking as well as the financial cost of undertaking a project like this. Mickayla Yard, another talented and creative mind, and a dear friend of mine has joined with me to help create something that, while not original, won’t feel like a run-of-the-mill, money-driven, faceless, corporate product, rather a film of passion, something we wanted to make experiment shot-wise.

If you want to contribute to the production quality of the film, please donate to our kickstarter below as films are expensive, and funding goes a long way.